Educa Dance


“Educa Dance” is an initiative by Ballet de Catalunya, designed to foster a critical understanding and appreciation of dance. This program is tailored for a wide and inclusive audience, including individuals of all ages and backgrounds. It is ideal for dance enthusiasts, students, educators, and the general public, regardless of their prior exposure to ballet.

For who
  1. General Public

  2. Young Students and Children

  3. Aspiring Dancers and Performers (access invaluable insights into the world of professional dance.)

  4. Educators and Teachers (enhance teaching with knowledge and experiences in dance)

Why to attend
  • Introduction to Dance: Cultivate an early appreciation for the arts.
  • Cultural Enrichment: Deepen understanding of the rich history and cultural significance of dance.
  • Educational Insight: Gain foundational understanding of ballet techniques, thematic elements, and the creative process.
  • Educational Value: Unique learning experience with a focus on developing a critical appreciation of the arts.
  • Personal Growth: Foster creativity, empathy, and a broader worldview.
  • Community Engagement: Connect with the community through a shared cultural activity.
Learning Outcomes
  • Understanding Dance Techniques: Basics of ballet movements and the complexities of professional routines.
  • Artistic Expression: Insights into emotional and story conveyance through dance.
  • Behind-the-Scenes Insights: The effort, discipline, and creativity in ballet performances.
  • Critical Viewing Skills: Developing the ability to evaluate and enjoy dance performances from an informed perspective.
Experience Dance Like Never Before

“Educa Dance” is not just about watching dance; it’s about understanding, appreciating, and connecting with this dynamic art form. Whether it’s to pursue a passion, explore a new interest, or enjoy a unique cultural experience, “Educa Dance” offers something valuable for everyone.


Ballet de Catalunya

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The “Open Rehearsals” program, a central component of our “Educa Dance” initiative at Ballet de Catalunya, is the most profound and complete offering in our educational repertoire. Typically conducted in our own studios in Terrassa, Barcelona, this program invites attendees into the heart of our ballet world. While the majority of sessions are held in our studios, we occasionally host rehearsals in unique locations, providing varied and enriching experiences.

As the flagship of our “Educa Dance” initiative, “Open Rehearsals” is designed to offer an immersive exploration of ballet. We open our doors to participants, allowing them to witness the dedication, discipline, and artistry that define our ballet productions. From the rigorous training and rehearsal routines to in-depth discussions about character development and choreography, this program offers an unparalleled insight into the world of professional ballet.

Program Overview:

  • Target Audience: Suitable for ballet enthusiasts, aspiring dancers, students, educators, and the general public.
  • Location: Held at Ballet de Catalunya’s facilities in Terrassa, Barcelona.
  • Capacity: Limited to 50 attendees per session to ensure a quality experience.
  • Registration: Advance registration required, with details available on Ballet de Catalunya’s website.


Enhanced Program Structure:

  1. Welcome and Introduction:

    • A briefing on ballet basics and the specific ballet piece being rehearsed.
  2. Observation Period:

    • Different formats depending on the ballet:
      • Rehearsals with Interruptions: Choreographer or director explains techniques and nuances.
      • Segmented Rehearsal: Focus on specific scenes or segments.
      • Full Ballet Run-Through: Entire ballet with breaks between acts.
    • Character and Choreography Analysis: Discussion on how dancers interpret and portray different roles through movement, providing insights into the artistic process.
  3. Interactive Learning and Q&A:

    • Time for attendees to interact with dancers and artistic staff, ask questions, and delve into the rehearsal process.
  4. Behind the Scenes:

    • Insights into set and costume design, explaining how these elements enhance the storytelling and overall performance.
  5. Discussion and Reflection:

    • Participants share observations and learnings, fostering a deeper understanding of ballet.


What Participants Will Learn:

  • The intricacies of ballet techniques and choreography.
  • The artistic process behind character portrayal and narrative expression in dance.
  • The role of set and costume design in enhancing a ballet performance.


The “Open Rehearsals” program at Ballet de Catalunya offers an in-depth look into the world of professional ballet. It’s an opportunity for participants to gain comprehensive knowledge about the preparation and execution of a ballet performance, the artistic interpretation of characters, and the importance of visual elements like set and costume design. 



The “Educa Workshops” program, an integral part of our “Educa Dance” initiative at Ballet de Catalunya, is designed to be a highly interactive and participatory experience, placing attendees at the forefront of the learning process. Unlike traditional observation-based programs, these workshops invite participants to become the protagonists, engaging actively in the art of dance and its various aspects.

Program Overview:

  • Target Audience: Ideal for anyone interested in experiencing the practical side of ballet and dance, regardless of their prior experience or skill level.
  • Location: Primarily held in our Ballet de Catalunya studios in Terrassa, Barcelona.


Program Structure:

  1. Interactive Dance Classes:

    • Participants engage in dance or movement classes, learning and practicing different styles and techniques under the guidance of our professional instructors.
    • Emphasis on learning dance vocabulary and fundamental movements.
  2. Creative Workshops:

    • Workshops that explore the creative aspects of ballet, such as costume design and the historical context of specific ballet pieces.
    • Participants are encouraged to express their creativity and gain a deeper appreciation of the artistic elements of ballet.
  3. Character Interpretation and Movement Analysis:

    • Sessions focused on interpreting characters and understanding how emotion and narrative are conveyed through dance.
    • Analysis of choreography and its role in storytelling within ballet.
  4. Discussion and Reflection:

    • Time for participants to discuss their experiences, share insights, and provide feedback on their learning journey.


Learning Outcomes:

  • Practical experience in dance and movement, tailored to various skill levels.
  • Understanding the creative and historical aspects of ballet, including costume design and ballet history.
  • Enhanced appreciation of how ballet combines artistry, emotion, and physical expression.


Participation and Registration:

  • These workshops are designed to be accessible and enjoyable for a broad range of participants.
  • Advance registration is required due to limited capacity. Details on workshop schedules and registration can be found here or on the master calendar.

Our “Dance Workshops” are a unique opportunity for participants to immerse themselves in the world of dance, not just as observers but as active learners and creators. 



The “Educa Pre-Performance” program at Ballet de Catalunya is a concise yet enriching educational offering designed to enhance the audience’s experience before they attend a ballet performance. This program takes place half an hour before the start of each performance, serving as an insightful prelude to the evening’s main event.


Program Overview:

  • Duration: Lasts for 30 minutes, providing a succinct yet comprehensive introduction to the upcoming performance.
  • Timing: Scheduled to occur 30 minutes before the commencement of each ballet performance.


Program Structure:

  1. Introduction to the Ballet: A brief overview of the ballet being performed, including its historical background, thematic elements, and significance in the world of dance.

  2. Synopsis and Storytelling: Presenting a concise synopsis of the story, helping the audience to follow the narrative and understand the key plot points and characters.

  3. Choreography and Music Highlights: Discussion on the particular style of choreography for the ballet and an introduction to the music, explaining how both elements contribute to the overall storytelling.

  4. Insights into Production: Sharing interesting details about the production elements such as costume and set design, enhancing the audience’s appreciation of the visual aspects of the performance.

  5. Q&A Session: A brief question and answer segment, allowing the audience to clarify any doubts and heighten their understanding before the performance begins.


Target Audience:

  • This program is ideal for all audience members attending the performance, whether they are first-time ballet-goers or seasoned patrons.



  • Provides a richer, more informed viewing experience.
  • Helps in connecting the audience more deeply with the performance.
  • Enhances understanding and appreciation of the ballet’s artistic and technical aspects.

“Educa Pre-Performance” is a crucial part of our commitment to making ballet accessible and enjoyable for all. By offering these informative sessions, we aim to deepen our audience’s connection with the art of ballet, enriching their overall experience at our performances.