Trainee Program

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An outstanding program of technical-artistic development where you can start your career. 

The program where you will work with the main company under the supervision of the artistic direction. 

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artistic director // ballet de catalunya

Elías García

I believe that every future dancer needs individual training when stepping into the professional ballet world . The professional connection between our Trainees and us, the artistic direction, determines how they will approach the professional world at the end of the training process. BNC Trainees are called to be our next generation of corps du ballet, and soloists. Their dream is our dream!

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Our Trainee Program is designed to allow you to train with the main company. We believe that training with the company members, interacting with them and with the company artistic staff will give you the skills to reach the needed professional level to be part of a ballet company. 



We will never ask you to wear a uniform or  buy our uniforms. Why? Because our Trainee Program is part of a ballet company and not of an academy and because we consider you a member of it.

*applies only for Trainee II



At BNC, we love putting Trainees on stage in our performances. Most part of our Trainees are called to perform as corps de ballet in all our productions. Some of our Trainees have been casted as soloists and many of them have had the chance to perform at Barcelona Opera House, alongside worldwide renowned dancers such as Marianela Nuñez.



Today we know that when auditioning, most companies require a minimum of professional experience. With us, all the shows that you perform with the BNC will be counted as professional experience in your C.V. and will be certified by our artistic director. Our team is widely recognized in the ballet world.



We offer limited places for the Trainee Program because our vision is to promote the maximum number of Trainees as corps de ballet members. For the season 2022/2023, BNC foresees to promote all the Trainees, always when passing the company audition call and the Trainee Exams.




Graduated at Northern Ballet

At Ballet de Catalunya they give you the opportunity to jump directly into a leading role even if you are a Trainee, always when you demonstrate that you are capable to perform at the highest standards.

The trainee program helped me to make the transition from student to professional dancer.  The program it’s giving the dancers the opportunity to achieve that stage experience required by all the ballet companies in order to to offer you a company position. I think It’s a very good start in order to achieve the status of  professional dancer.

For me the trainee program helped me to improve many things starting from the technique and finishing with the acting skills. What I really appreciate from the Ballet de Catalunya’s Trainee Program is that is designed to be part of the main company meaning that we are doing class and rehearsal with the main company. Being a medium company, there are many chances to be casted and to perform with the company. In my promotion all my mates were casted throughout the season and in my special case I had the opportunity to be casted in the Bridesmaid variation from Don Quixote and as well as Clara (1st act) in Elias Garcia’s Nutcracker.
I don’t regret to have spent one year as trainee because that gave me the opportunity to be the professional that I’m today. 

Following her debut in Bridesmaid variation (Don Quixote) Sophie Boyer was promoted to the rank of Apprentice.



Graduated at English National Ballet

If you are about to join the program don’t think twice! Personally I encourage you to do so, as it is the right platform from where you can jump into the professional ballet world.

Being a part of the Ballet de Catalunya trainee program has been extremely beneficial and influential to my training and future career as a ballet dancer. Through the helpful care of directors Elias Garcia and Leo Sorribes I have learnt the importance of showing myself to ensure I continue to grow as a dancer.
The program has been especially advantageous as we are constantly pushed to our highest potential during rehearsals and class to provide audiences with a wonderful and inspiring experience, that ultimately also positively impacts ourselves. I always feel welcome to express myself through my dancing, which I’m very thankful for. Our hard work through the program has already shown immense improvement.