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Our Trainee Program is designed to blend company training with real-world stage experience, all under the guidance of our artistic staff. This is more than just training; it’s the first step in your journey to becoming a professional ballet artist.

Trainees in Leo Sorribes’s Beethoven Symphonies at Barcelona Opera House | 2018 , photo by Josep Guindo.  

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artistic director // ballet de catalunya

Elías García

As a professional in the ballet world, I firmly believe that individual training is essential for every aspiring dancer. My role as an artistic director is to shape and guide our trainees through their journey into the professional ballet landscape. At Ballet de Catalunya, we view our trainees not just as students, but as the future luminaries of our company – the emerging generation of corps de ballet and distinguished soloists. Their dreams are intertwined with our own, inspiring us to invest wholeheartedly in their artistic growth and success.

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Our Trainee Program is uniquely designed to allow you to train with the main company. We believe that training alongside company members and interacting with the artistic staff will equip you with the skills necessary to reach the professional level required to be part of a ballet company.



At Ballet de Catalunya, we take pride in offering our Trainees unparalleled opportunities to shine on stage. Our Trainee 2 and Trainee 1 participants are guaranteed to dance with the company as part of the corps de ballet in every performance of ‘The Nutcracker’ and throughout its festive tour.

Moreover, Trainee 2 dancers are integral to the corps de ballet in all Ballet de Catalunya productions. This gives them a broad platform to showcase their talents. In an exciting twist, some Trainee 2 dancers are selected for soloist roles, offering them a golden chance to elevate their artistic prowess.



In our Trainee Program, particularly for Trainee II, we embrace a philosophy that distinguishes us from traditional programs. As a valued member of our ballet company, Ballet de Catalunya, you are not required to conform to a uniform dress code or purchase specific uniforms. This policy underscores our belief in your individuality and artistic expression. We see you not just as a trainee, but as an integral part of our esteemed company, where your unique identity and style are celebrated and respected.

*applies only for Trainee II



At Ballet de Catalunya, we acknowledge the importance of professional stage experience for aspiring dancers. Our Trainee II program provides a distinctive edge: each performance you participate in with BNC is not only a chance to excel on stage but also serves as certified professional experience. Our artistic director officially recognizes and certifies these performances, accrediting you as a corps de ballet member, thereby enriching your CV with prestigious credentials valued across the ballet world.



Our Trainee Program at Ballet de Catalunya offers limited spaces, intentionally designed to foster the growth of each dancer and to increase the likelihood of their advancement to our corps de ballet. For the 2024/2025 season, we aim to promote all trainees who successfully pass the company audition and Trainee Exams. This approach has proven successful, as the majority of our current corps de ballet members have developed their foundational skills within our Trainee Program, underscoring its role as a vital stepping stone to professional success in ballet.


photo by Sila Avvakum | 2023 BNC


Corps de Ballet with Ballet de Catalunya

Graduated at English National Ballet

Joining the Ballet de Catalunya trainee program has been nothing short of transformative for my journey in ballet. Under the exceptional mentorship of directors Elias Garcia and Leo Sorribes, I’ve discovered the exhilarating power of self-expression in dance, an experience that has been both empowering and pivotal for my growth as a dancer.

The program’s dynamic and challenging environment propels us to push beyond our limits in rehearsals and classes. Each day is an adrenaline-filled adventure, driving us to deliver performances that not only captivate and inspire our audiences but also ignite a profound sense of achievement within ourselves. I am immensely grateful for the freedom to express my artistry in such a nurturing and vibrant community.

Our collective dedication in the program is visibly paying off, as we witness remarkable improvements in our technique and artistry. It’s an electrifying journey, and I am thrilled to be a part of this extraordinary chapter at Ballet de Catalunya, where every step we take is a leap towards our dreams in the world of ballet.


If you need more info about the program, admission process, registration, etc. don't hesitate to book a video conference with our Head of Admission.