Ballet de Catalunya is looking for 8 talented dancers (4 females and 4 males) to join the main company for the season 2022 – 2023, for the Trainee position. 

All the TRAINEES accepted to join the company, will be casted as corps de ballet for the Spring season 2022.

Relevant info that you may know before applying to our auditions. 

  • our auditions for 2022 are ONLINE. 
  • candidates have to pre-register online.
  • our auditions are free of charge.
  • We don't eliminate the candidates in the ballet class or in the variations. We will let each candidate to finish their audition.
  • Ballet de Catalunya doesn't discriminate on racesexual orientation or religion.

Audition ONLINE.

Online pre-registration required. 

> Minimum Age - 18 years old

> Minimum Height - 160 cm for ladies and 178 cm for gentlemen

> Experience - not required

> Technique - high technique in classical dance and contemporary

Please prepare a classical variation and a contemporary solo.

You can contact us by email to the following e-mail:

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We love movement  and for that reason our company is in constant motion, eager to grow, innovate and offer the best to its public. Our artistic team is always looking for talent to incorporate it into our company. The directors of our company are the founders of the famous Ibstage, an event that brings together the best and most recognized dancers, teachers, directors and professionals in the world of dance. Come and join us!